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Hi guys, we love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about giimmö, you can email by CLICKING HERE or call us on 02 8206 2444.

Share your story

Have you recently bought a giimmö or been given one as a gift? If you want send us some cool photos, video or story of you and your giimmö then please do so by CLICKING HERE and we can upload them.

Drop us a message and tell us what has been happening in your world. How has giimmö helped you? Did we help get your bub off to sleep or did we magically help stop the mysterious bed wetting? We love to hear great stories.

One story was about a 4 year old boy that had a serious problem bedwetting. Mum and Dad were at a loss to figure out why he kept doing it. When given a giimmö, all of a sudden the bedwetting stopped!

Was it by magic? Sheer coincidence? Or the calming effects of giimmö? It could have been a combination of these but really, he was just scared of the dark and didn’t want to walk down the dark hallway alone to the toilet each night.

With giimmö being portable and cool to touch he would take it to the toilet. Lighting up the hallway and scaring off the monsters lurking in the shadows. Problem solved!